Aberdeen A-Z

“The only thing you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library” – Albert Einstein

The Challenge


  1. To complete a tour of all the public libraries in Aberdeen (in alphabetical order).
  2. To run the entire distance. No walking. Not a single step.
  3. To complete the tour between sunrise and sunset on the 2017 Summer Solstice.
map of the Library A-Z

The Story

(For a detailed account of this challenge, read the article: Solstice).

This run genuinely could not have gone better. Starting shortly after sunrise at 04:17, the 70-mile epic took me on a weaving journey back and forth across the City. Soon after completing the first marathon, my body started complaining – so much so that I had completely given up on the idea of finishing the run on the same day. But I somehow managed to keep going and completed the tour at 22:04, with sunset taking place four minutes later.

The Details

Part 1

Part 1 of the run took me from the starting point at the beach to Central Library, then on to Airyhall, Bridge of Don, Bucksburn, Cornhill, Cove, Culter, Cults and Dyce.

Library A-Z Part 1 map

Distance 44.5 miles
Total time 9 hours 54 minutes
Moving time 7 hours 12 minutes
Time stationary 2 hours 42 minutes
Average pace 9 minutes 44 seconds per mile
Fastest mile 8 minutes 14 seconds (mile 5)

Elevation profile of Part 1

Library A-Z Part 1 elevation profile

Part 2

After a very long stop at Dyce, I continued on my way towards Ferryhill, Kaimhill, Kincorth, Mastrick, Northfield, Tillydrone, Torry, Woodside and Central Library.

Library A-Z Part 2 map

Distance 25.5 miles
Total time 6 hours 17 minutes
Moving time 4 hours 11 minutes
Time stationary 2 hours 6 minutes
Average pace 9 minutes 53 seconds per mile
Fastest mile 9 minutes 07 seconds (mile 46)

Elevation profile of Part 2

Library A-Z PArt 2 elevation profile

Library A-Z infographic


The Cause

Throughout 2017, I ran various running challenges to try and help me reach my goal. While I didn’t succeed, I was pleased to raise over £1,000 for The Archie Foundation thanks to the generosity of some truly wonderful people.

The Archie Foundation makes a huge difference to the lives of sick children here in the North of Scotland.

To you all: a sincere thank you.

Image link to The Archie Foundation

Watch the video below to find out more about The Archie Foundation and their work:

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